Why Your Warehouse Needs a Security Booth

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Warehouses are essential facilities for a wide variety of businesses. Your business uses a warehouse to store products, keep important documents, move merchandise, and conduct many business projects.

That’s why your warehouse needs a security booth to protect your business. Without a security booth, your business risks losing items to burglaries or putting employees in harm’s way.

Continue reading to learn more about why a security guard booth will keep your warehouse safe.

A Designated Area of Security

Before installing a guard booth, you should already have a good security system with proper locking doors and surveillance cameras.

However, a guard booth enhances security measures by ensuring a guard is present to monitor activity through the surveillance cameras. If they witness any suspicious actions, they can alert authorities and employees in the warehouse.

The First Line of Defense

Security booths can also act as the first line of defense to provide assurance that each employee or visitor who enters belongs at the facility.

An officer will check badges before employees enter the warehouse. They may allow outside visitors inside by discussing with management. For instance, security can have a list of cleared individuals. Otherwise, the officers will make a call to double-check if they should deny or allow access to people.

With this precautionary measure, security officers constantly observe each individual entering and exiting the warehouse.

Protect Important Products

You can also place a security booth at a location designated for incoming and outgoing trucks. It brings efficiency for employees as they unload and load products as needed.

Also, with the additional surveillance in this warehouse area, guards can prevent the risk of theft and keep potential threats away from the facility.

A Security Team Location

Another reason why your warehouse needs a security booth is that it can act as an office for the security team. While you may have several guard booths on location, you should establish one security booth as the assigned main office. When they need to have a discussion or a proper meeting, a guard booth is a great location for officers to report to.

stainless steel booth from York Guard Shack is an incredibly sleek, durable material that will enhance your warehouse and improve security. Contact us so that you can take the next step forward and protect your warehouse facility.

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