5 Reasons Why You Need a Valet Booth at Your Restaurant

A wooden guard shack outside.

Valet booths are the best way to manage your valet staff, protect them from inclement weather, and create a professional first impression for your guests. Although valet booths can be difficult to install without professional help, these five reasons why you need a valet booth at your restaurant illuminate the benefits.

Professional First Impression

A valet booth is a great way to make a first impression. Some guests have chosen one restaurant over another because of the valet service. You have an added chance to excel at customer service by providing valet options and a clearly marked booth.

Marketing Opportunity

You can use the valet booth to help with marketing as well. If you want more people to choose valet over self-parking, make sure that your logo is placed prominently on the valet booths so that customers see it the moment they enter the vicinity.

Client Experience

As a restaurant owner, you want to ensure that your establishment provides the highest level of client experience. You need a valet booth at your restaurant to deliver on this goal before diners step inside. Consider how much value you can bring by allowing people a covered space to enter and exit their vehicles. The uncomfortable walk in the rain or snow can be permanently solved by adding a valet booth.

Protected From the Elements

Valet staff members are usually the first employees diners see at your establishment, so they must be kept dry and warm. Valets provide their services even during inclement weather, so keeping them comfortable is vital for their health and happiness and allows them to focus on doing their jobs well. A portable guard shack would provide a comfortable solution to sheltering your valet staff.

Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot safety is an important issue for your valet staff. A parking lot can be dangerous if there is inadequate lighting or vehicles left unattended for long stretches of time. Providing valet service to your patrons will give them an added sense of security.

Your guests will appreciate the valet service as it keeps them safer and allows them to avoid the elements while dining at your establishment. Valet parking can add to a restaurant’s luxurious ambiance and is the perfect option for making your establishment feel special.

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