Trailer Mounted Guard Booth

Professionally installed basic electrical and HVAC package.

Trailer-Mounted Guard Booth

In the market for a trailer-mounted guard booth? At York Guard Shacks, we understand the ultimate benefit of a mobile security shack for modern businesses. That’s why we offer a selection of portable guard booths available for temporary work sites, larger-sized locations, or other suitable purposes.

Our trailer guard booth offerings provide valuable versatility and stability, so you can use the security shelter for whatever purpose or event you require. Hook up the trailer to a hitched vehicle to easily move the booth from one location or area of a property to another—or to store it conveniently during off-seasons.

Browse below for York’s collection of durable 304 stainless steel guard booths mounted on an 8x6 trailer. We quality assemble all of our ready-to-ship booths at our facilities. Read through the product specs and features for further details, or reach out to learn more about these models’ professionally installed basic electrical and HVAC packages.