Stainless Steel

Stardard Size Always In Stock   

Security Steel Shacks

Does your business need a stainless steel booth for day-to-day operations? No other option in the industry beats the quality and durability of the security steel shacks available from York Guard Shack. Designed and manufactured in the USA, our security steel shacks ensure superior protection and safety for personnel—and, in turn, your business.

Each steel guard house is made out of top-notch materials. These deluxe prefab units come with steel-skinned insulated panels, sliding windows, and galvanized flooring for all-weather functionality. They also boast long-term efficiency.

York Guard Shack always has a number of our standard size models—5ft x 5ft and 6.5ft x 6.5ft—in stock and ready to be promptly picked up or shipped out to customers. Reach out to us today to discuss shipping needs or turnaround times for your choice of a modular guard shack; we will work with you to provide the speed and efficiency required.