The Ideal Security Booth Setup for Schools

A stee guard shack on an entrance of a school

Students, faculty members, and parents should all feel safe and protected walking into school. If you want to improve school safety, consider implementing security booths around campus. Continue reading to learn the ideal security booth setup for schools to maximize safety.

What Are School Guard Booths Used For?

Security booths are the first line of defense at schools. They serve a variety of purposes:

  • Checking faculty and student IDs upon entrance
  • Radio communication
  • An extra set of eyes during school drop-off and pick-up
  • Monitoring security cameras

Strong, Protective Material

Our security booths at York Guardshack are composed of durable steel to protect the security guards working within the booth. Steel is ideal for keeping employees protected from the weather and outside threats. Not only are security guards present to protect those on the school’s campus, but they should also feel safe within their work environment.

Booths Located at Points of Entry

Security guard shacks should be at each main entry point to the school. Perhaps a teacher decides to enter through a side entrance out of convenience rather than the main entrance. A security officer at the guard booth will check her faculty ID and allow her to enter.

This is an additional precaution that controls who may and may not enter the school building at all points during the day. If a security guard spots a suspicious individual, they can take the necessary steps to stop a potential threat beforehand.

Radio and Telephone Communication

Security guards should have radio and telephone communication installed within the booth to create proper communication throughout the school. Security officials must have contact with higher-up faculty and other security officers on campus.

One example of how these communication systems are beneficial is if a security guard needs to communicate with other faculty members to initiate a school lockdown. Whether a simple question or an emergency, a security booth will help guards effectively communicate and protect students and faculty.

Creating the ideal security setups for schools will help make everyone on campus feel more secure and comfortable in their school environment.

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