5 Tips for Protecting Your Construction Site From Theft

top aerial view of a construction site.

Construction site theft is a common security threat faced industry-wide. For this reason, site managers must take the necessary actions to prevent criminals from stealing valuable equipment and materials from the premises. Theft can harm your bottom line and delay a project’s timeline.

What can a construction company do to enhance site security and safety? Read through the following five tips for protecting your construction site from theft. Here’s how to create a protection plan that is the most effective for your security needs.

Get Innovative With Lighting and Surveillance

A well-lit construction site helps deter criminal activity. Do your part to install adequate lighting in critical areas so thieves cannot get in, sneak around, and attempt to leave the site unseen. Security system alarms and video monitoring services help minimize the risks of theft.

Smartly Secure the Perimeter

Fencing is always the first physical line of defense against site theft. Use fencing and “no trespassing” signage to mark where the property lines are. Indicating clearly where the building site begins and ends ensures the property is less likely to be targeted. Remember to leave enough space between storage containers and fencing to avoid blocking the view of gaps or holes where people could possibly gain entry.

Record and Lock Equipment Away

One of the best methods for protecting valuable and expensive equipment is expert recordkeeping. Keeping detailed inventory records of every piece of equipment on-site—including their make, model, and serial numbers—can help law enforcement recover items or prevent reselling from thieves.

Also, always lock up tools and supplies in storage boxes and cargo trailers at the end of the workday. Ensure locks and chains are heavy-gauge and tamper-resistant.

Know Who Is Who: Personnel Checks

Not every employee is trustworthy. Completing thorough background checks on on-site personnel is another of our five tips for protecting your construction site from theft. Knowledge of an individual’s past criminal history allows you to make smarter hires. Every worker, sub-contractor, or visitor should also sign in and out upon access to the site. Be sure to outline and enforce the rules and consequences of stealing with new hires.

Implement a Security Checkpoint

Access is another factor of a construction site needing reliable and efficient control. Any unauthorized person gaining access to the site can wreak potential havoc beyond repair. For this reason, security guards or services are one efficient theft prevention method to control entry at the gates better. Using a mobile guard booth—with security personnel for surveillance or entry—can prevent costly issues down the road. The benefit of portability allows you to move the building from different build sites or locations with speed and ease.

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