4 Tips for Keeping Your Portable Security Booth Warm

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Portable security booths aren’t your average workplace environment, but they’re the norm for many hardworking employees. When the winter cold appears, employees need a properly heated workspace to stay comfortable all day long. Continue reading about four tips for keeping your portable security booth warm to keep security officers happy!

Heating System

In a booth with limited space, you might wonder where you’re supposed to put a heating system. Before the cold temperatures arrive, install baseboard heaters throughout the security booth. Baseboard heaters are compact, individual heaters designed to heat individual rooms. You don’t want a bulky heater taking up space in the work area. Baseboard heaters are ideal because they don’t require a central heating unit, are easy to install, and keep your workspace free from additional clutter!


Every security booth needs insulation installed to sustain all types of weather. While the security booth itself blocks cold air and winds, it doesn’t stop the airflow entirely. During the colder winter months, insulation is one of the most important features to lock in heat and act as a barrier against the cold outdoors.

Closed Door

Another tip for keeping your portable security booth warm is always to shut the door fully. As you open the door and step into the booth, cold air rushes in and chills you. The heater pumps warm air to reheat the space. If you want to ensure a consistently warm security booth, close the door entirely each time you enter and exit.

Tinted Windows

When working in your security booth in the winter, you may notice the warmth of the sunlight beaming through the windows. While this is a pleasant feeling during the cold, adding tint to the windows might benefit you even more.

Windows are the only thing between you and the cold weather outside. Tint adds an extra layer of insulation for the security booth! Window tinting traps the heat in the booth, preventing it from seeping out.

If you need a new portable guard shack for your business, contact York Guard Shack to find the perfect design to keep employees warm and comfortable this winter season!

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