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York Guard Shack is a leader in the security industry, offering top-notch, durable guard shacks (or security booths) that cater to various security needs. Recognizing that every facility has unique requirements, the importance of customized guard shacks cannot be overstated. More often than not, you will need a custom guard shack. Although portable guard shacks and standard booths are available and ready to install, they are usually beyond or below your needs.

Tailored solutions ensure a perfect fit within your operational landscape and convey professionalism and attention to detail that enhances the overall security presence. Customization offers the flexibility to incorporate specific features, address particular concerns, and integrate seamlessly with existing security protocols, which are pivotal in safeguarding assets and personnel.

To facilitate this personalized approach, York Guard Shack introduces their innovative “Build-A-Shack” — a user-friendly platform designed to guide clients through the customization process. Here, you can specify your preferences from shack type to size, select essential utilities like electricity and HVAC, choose additional add-ons, and finally review and secure your purchase, crafting a guard shack that’s as unique as your security challenges.

Below are the things you must decide on to complete the exact guard shack you want.

The Build-A-Shack page of York Guard Shack.

Type of Guard Shack

When customizing your guard shack with York Guard Shack, it’s crucial to select the right type according to your needs. Options range from durable stainless steel shacks known for their longevity and resistance to harsh conditions to more cost-effective economy models that still provide robust security without the higher price tag.

The choice largely depends on factors such as the environment of the shack location, budget constraints, and the level of durability required. Stainless steel is ideal for areas with severe weather, offering maximum protection, while economy models are suitable for more controlled environments where budget considerations are paramount.

Size of Guard Shack

Choosing the right standard size from York Guard Shack’s selection is essential for achieving the ideal balance between space and functionality in your guard shack. Their range of standard sizes caters to various operational requirements, whether a smaller shack for space-constrained areas or a spacious model designed to house several staff members and equipment. 

Consider the shack’s intended primary function when deciding on the most fitting standard size. Please consider the number of security personnel it must accommodate, the equipment it needs to house, and the comfort level you wish to provide. The goal is to select a size that offers sufficient room for efficient operation while maintaining ease of use and a comfortable environment for occupants.

Electric/HVAC Package

York Guard Shack’s Build-A-Shack feature lets you equip your custom booths with essential utility features such as electrical wiring and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Incorporating these packages ensures the shack is functional and comfortable for personnel, regardless of weather conditions.

To select the proper utilities, consider your area’s climate and the electrical devices you plan to use inside the shack. For example, a colder region would benefit from a robust heating system, while a hotter area needs muscular air conditioning. Tailoring the electrical and HVAC specifications based on these factors maximizes comfort and functionality.

Choose Add-ons

York Guard Shack’s Build-A-Shack program offers a variety of add-ons to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your custom guard shack.

For example, you can opt for Custom Fabrication – Weld On Anchoring Legs-Up to 6.5×6.5, which ensures the stability of the structure in diverse weather conditions. Adding a Custom Fabrication – Install 16″ Deep x 60″ Stainless Steel Desk w/Drawer provides a robust and practical workspace that includes storage for necessary supplies. Furthermore, the Custom Accessory – Add LED Exterior Spotlights on 4 Corners increases visibility and security around the perimeter of the shack. Customizing the interior with these tailored add-ons optimizes the use of space. It enhances the overall efficiency of the guard booth, making it a fully functional and secure workspace.

Review and Purchase

After choosing all the features and add-ons you want, the next step in York Guard Shack‘s Build-A-Shack process is to review your selections. Reviewing your purchase is your opportunity to ensure every customization reflects your specific needs. When you’re satisfied with the choices, you move on to finalizing the details of your guard booth.

On the same page, you can check the total amount of your configuration. This comprehensive overview allows you to make any necessary adjustments before purchasing. Confirming everything at this stage helps ensure that your guard shack will be the one you’re considering without any surprises.

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This is what the page looks like when you complete shopping for your shack’s customization.

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