5ft x 5ft

5ft x 5ft Guard Shack Booths

Our 5ft x 5ft guard shack booths are 7.5ft tall and come fully assembled. Available in stainless steel or Colorsteel versions, the 5ft x 5ft guard shack has a compact footprint but still feels spacious.

The stainless steel version has sliding windows on two sides and a 36" sliding entrance door with a fixed window. It has a galvanized floor and four lockable wheels for easy mobility. Remove the wheels for a more permanent installation.

Our Colorsteel guard booths are made with steel skinned insulated panels. Use them in temporary outside installations, or bring them indoors for permanent placement.

In addition, power or HVAC options can easily be added by the user. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so please allow us to answer all your questions before you buy.

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