4ft x 4ft

4ft x 4ft Guard Shack Booths

Our 4ft x 4ft guard shack booths are made with steel skinned insulated panels. This compact model has sliding windows on three sides and a 36" entrance door on one side with a galvanized floor. 

Use this 4ft x 4ft guard shack in a temporary outdoor installation for special events. It’s great for use as a ticket booth, concession stand, or as a security guard booth to provide shelter from the elements for the employees who control access to your parking and premises. Or move it inside to a permanent location for staff to monitor entryways, validate parking, tag luggage, or other similar tasks when staff needs to be both sheltered and visible.

Power or HVAC options can easily be added by the end user. We want you to love your purchase, so we’re happy to answer any and all questions before you buy.

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