Security Guard Shacks

When your business requires the use of pre-assembled security guard shacks, look no further than York. We're a top source for prefab guard shacks. Regardless of your industry, we offer various sizes, colors, and materials to suit every application.

Choose from either durable stainless steel booths, trailer-mounted booths for easy mobility, or color steel booths for temporary outdoor or permanent indoor placement. You can pick up your in-stock prefabricated and preassembled booth from our facility’s site, or we’ll help ship it out promptly to your area based on your needs.

Portable security guard booths from York Guard Shack can also serve as versatile ticket booths for special events, checkpoints for controlled access to restricted areas, or concession stands. Browse our available selection below or contact us today to discuss what size and type of booth will best meet your business demands.

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