Guard Shack With Bathroom

6.5 x 12 Stainless Steel Guard Shack With Bathroom Installed , Baseboard Heat, Through The Wall A/C, Stainless Desk $21,500.003.jpg







Security guard shelters are essential investments for various operations today. Businesses requiring perimeter security around the clock often require guard booth facilities with additional features. A guard shack with a built-in bathroom is the most advantageous option to allow personnel to remain in one place.

At York Guard Shack, we understand how this amenity provides the ultimate level of comfort and convenience. Our product inventory includes prefab guard shacks with restroom solutions to meet employee needs—and thoroughly safeguard your business.

York offers a 6.5 x 12 stainless steel guard shack with the bathroom built-in at $21,500.00. Our high-quality model includes baseboard heat, through the wall A/C, and a stainless desk. Contact our team with any questions about specifications, current in-stock inventory, or quick-response ordering turnarounds. We’re here to help you make a purchase decision with confidence.