Choosing Between Guard Booth Sliding Doors vs. Swing Doors

white guard shack with swing doors

Not all guard booth types are the same, and there are many considerations that you need to take into account when deciding on the kind that’s best for your facility. Security is obviously a critical factor in choosing a guard booth. You can choose between guard booth sliding doors and swing doors. You’ll want to consider the overall security, initial cost, intended usage, and entry location.

Overall Security

The most important factor when choosing a guard booth door is security. You want to ensure that your booth has the highest level of protection possible. The easiest way to secure your door is to install a high-quality lock properly. Ensure there are no gaps around the door frame where someone could try prying or forcing their way through. 

Initial Cost

Swing doors are cheaper than sliding doors. Even though they’re more secure, they’re less durable and require more frequent maintenance. Sliding doors cost more initially. However, their corrosion resistance means you won’t have to replace them often. You also won’t need to worry about repairing or painting your door in the future.

Type of Usage

When you’re thinking about purchasing a guard shack, one of the first things to consider is your usage. Will you be using it to store equipment? If you plan on selling tickets or interacting with the public, then swinging doors are best.

When determining what type of door to buy for your guard shack, remember that they have pros and cons. While sliding doors offer more security than swinging ones, they can also be difficult to open if snow or ice is on them, so consider your unique needs.

Location of Entry

You should consider your entry location when choosing between guard booth sliding doors and swing doors. If there isn’t much traffic, sliding doors are the best option. You can have a sliding door on one side and swing doors on the other if you want to keep people from entering your building through both types of doors.

Sliding doors are also good for locations with lots of traffic because they don’t take up as much space as swing doors. They only require more room than swing-style entryways, so they’re great if you try to fit within your building’s facade or layout.

Which Is Best?

Of course, every situation is different, and it’s essential to consider your needs carefully before deciding which guard shack enclosures would work best to secure your belongings. Regardless of your choice, it’s always a good practice to work with professionals who will help guide you through this process from start to finish.

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