Why don't you offer free shipping like some other companies ?


Everyone knows that when someone offers free shipping, it is already built into the price. Nobody works for free. Why should you pay more when you could be paying less? We offer a good quality booth at a very fair price and our guard shacks are IN STOCK and can be shipped or picked up in one day, depending on add-ons. We’re easy to deal with-just email us or give us a call.


Can the booth be customized after delivery?


While additional customization after delivery might be possible for some people, we suggest that you discuss any customization with us before placing your order so that we can either handle it for you or guide you in what can or cannot be accomplished.


Do your booths have an extended overhang?


There is an overhang of approximately 4 inches around the roof of our standard economy steel booth, and 6” on our stainless steel booth’s.



How long does it take to get a shipping quote?


Once we receive the destination zip code and confirm site details for delivery, during regular business hours, we will normally have your shipping quote ready within the hour.



Do the guard shacks need to be anchored down in any way ?


No- anchoring down the guard shacks is not a requirement for most municipalities, however, for safety purposes, in states with increased chance of tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, high winds, or hurricanes, we recommend that you anchor the booth, of course. Also, some local building codes may require anchoring, even if it is a building like ours that is on casters as a standard.



Do your guard shacks have outlets ? Overhead Lights ? HVAC ?


The base guard shack is just that-a base model. We can very easily add GFCI outlets, overhead LED lights, baseboard heaters, through the wall air conditioners, and your choice of 100 amp boxes for electrician tie in or outside male plug for easy extension cord powering of the guard shack. It’s that easy.


Can the unit be laid on its side and shipped or picked up , or would that damage the guard shack ?


We strongly recommend against transporting any guard shack on its side, but we know that it has been done by some customers without a issue. If you decide to follow them and lay it on its side against our recommendation, please make sure to remove the windows, and pay extra caution to the roof. The roof of our standard guard shack has a 4" overhang that could be damaged when the unit is laid on its side. Also, if transporting in an open truck or trailer, be mindful of wind resistance.



How much do your guard shacks weigh and can they be moved easily with a forklift?


Our economy guard shacks are moderate weight. They are heavy enough to be stable and light enough to relocate as needed. All of our guard shacks come with casters already installed and can easily be rolled around or re positioned by one or two guys. Our 5' x 5' and 6.5' x 6.5 economy guard shacks can technically be lifted by 5-6 strong men, without any equipment. The stainless steel models are of a different construction and much heavier, but still have caster wheels for easy moving. All of our guard shacks can be moved with a forklift.




Are your booths made in the USA?


While we shop around the globe to find quality materials for our guard shacks, the end result is designed and manufactured in the United States.



How long does it usually take to make and deliver a new guard shack ?


Here’s the best part- our guard shacks are IN STOCK ! We have hundreds in stock all the time. You could literally buy a guard shack in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon, depending on HVAC/electrical needs. Delivering the guard shack will take a few days or a week depending on location, but we’re pretty quick on that also. If you are local to us, we can usually deliver in the next day or two.



How long does delivery take and do you have an option to expedite delivery?


Shipping times will vary depending upon the delivery location and the size guard shack that you are ordering. We offer expedited processing and delivery for an additional fee.



Do you ship to anywhere in the United States?


Yes, we ship across the country. Shipping prices vary wildly depending on location and trucking availability.



Are there costs for shipping or installation?


We can quote shipping to anywhere in the country and can usually find the best rates available through our network of freight brokers, but it is the customers' responsibility to have a forklift or manpower available to offload the guard shack from the truck. We do not offer installation, but our guard shacks are delivered ready to use, with almost no installation work required. You just need to hook up the electric or plug in an extension cord, if that is the package you choose.


What is the difference between the color steel and the stainless-steel guard shacks?


The color steel model guard shack is our economy model. It is a lightweight, modular design that is very portable and perfect for a ton of different uses. The stainless steel model is a much heavier material, different construction methods and is considered to be our longest lasting deluxe model guard shack.