5 Tips for Choosing the Right Guard Booth Size

A guard booth with a paint of stripes of white and black with red roof.

You need a guard booth at your work site location, but how do you know exactly what you need? How do you know what size guard booth is right for the job? Continue reading to learn about five tips for choosing the right guard booth size.

Space Available

First, pick a space for the guard booth location. There should be a specific place you want to place your new guard booth. Take the proper area measurements to choose the correct guard booth for your business.

Number of People in the Workspace

Another aspect to consider when choosing the right guard booth size is how many people will work in that space. If you have only one or two employees working at a time, you can purchase a smaller guard booth. You can find a 4 x 6 ft or 5 x 5 ft guard booth to accommodate your employees.

If you expect three, four, or more employees working at a time, you’ll need a larger guard booth with dimensions of at least 8 x 6.5 ft or 10 x 6.5 ft.

Type of Work Conducted

Consider the type of work your employees will conduct within the guard booth. Is the booth a ticket collecting location, a place for security staff, a concession stand, or a structure employees can use to get out of the cold or heat when they need a break?

Consider each possible use the guard booth will accommodate to choose the proper size.

Additional Features Needed Within the Booth

Workers placed in a guard booth require the necessary resources like any other employee working in an office needs. This includes various features, such as a bathroom, air conditioning, heat, and insulation built within the guard booth. Employees should feel comfortable and safe in their work environment.

Level of Security Desired

Lastly, when purchasing a guard booth, you shouldn’t just consider the number of employees and the type of work conducted. You should also consider the level of security you need for the guard booth.

security guard booth assists with protecting employees and any potential customers. Whether the employees are security guards themselves or simply workers, the size of the guard booth should suit the level of protection needed for the job.

Regardless of why you need a new guard shack installed, remember York Guard Shack is here as your online resource for finding the right guard shack to improve your business.

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