Top 5 Applications of a Guard Shack for Business

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There are various kinds of guard shacks and structures, including steel, modular, and portable options. One thing all guard houses have in common is that they provide your business with a safe place for your security professionals to work. Having a safe place for your guards to work keeps them more alert and helps these crucial employees keep an eye on your property. Read on to discover the top five applications of a guard shack for business.

#1 Security Guard Office

A guard shack is a great place for your security guard to sit, write reports, and store tools and personal belongings. These portable buildings are easy to move around, allowing you to use them wherever is best for the layout of your structure. If your business has several locations, you can quickly move the guard shack between each one if needed. A portable guard house is an excellent option for businesses that need to have someone on location to help ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety.

#2 Parking Lot Attendant Office

If you offer any parking lot services and you have people attending customers, you could use a steel guard shack for your business. The building can include large windows that allow you to oversee the entire area. Steel guard shakes are a great option for company lots and public spaces that offer daily parking options. Their portability makes them perfect for companies covering sporting events or tournaments across the map.

#3 Commercial Entrance Gatehouse

A guard shack is a fantastic tool for many businesses. Whether you’re looking for a steel guardhouse or a modular guard shack, either can be a perfect solution to protect your employees as they protect your commercial property. With all the vandalism and theft rising in today’s society, you need to take the extra steps to secure your valuables. Placing a guard shack at the property entrance allows your guard to ward off any trespassers with ease.

#4 Security Ticket Booth

Another way these guard shacks can be used for business is as security ticket booths. Employees stationed at the booth can collect tickets and money, and the booth serves as a safe space to check in visitors. A ticket booth is an excellent choice if you have a lot of foot traffic on your property or if you want to account for every person who comes through your doors.

#5 COVID Testing Booth

If you provide COVID testing, a booth is a perfect option to assist in your operation. The booths can be large enough to hold coolers and equipment, as well as provide ample space for your employees during their shifts. They are secure and portable, meaning that when you need to change location or no longer need them, you can repurpose them elsewhere. 

A guard shack is an exceptionally versatile tool for many businesses. If you’re looking for a way to improve your business’s security and efficiency, consider investing in a portable guard shack.

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