About Shipping



You are welcome to send your own trucks and/or trailers or any freight company to pick up your booth at our facility in Red Lion, PA 17356.
We can load any truck or trailer safely, but all customers are responsible for restraints and transit.

We also ship guard shacks all over the country and are well versed in the freight area. Sending a guard shack across the country is never cheap,
but it can be done and we do it all the time.

There are many options for sending guard shacks including live loading, crating, LTL and FTL options. We will work with you to find the best option for you depending on which guard shack you want and how many.

A lot depends on delivery location, forklift or dock access at location, speed of transit desired, and other factors such as freight lane traffic.

To get a shipping quote for you, we will need the following information :

1) Delivery Address and zip code , size of building you would like to purchase

2) Will there be a forklift at delivery location to unload ?

3)Do you prefer to ship it as-is, or do you prefer it crated to protect it ?

4) What is your ideal delivery timeline ?