304 Stainless Steel 4ft x 6ft booth mounted on 6ft x 8ft flatbed trailer

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4x6ft open door on 4ft with trailer

Product Overview

This price is for local pickup only 

Here are some of its features and specs:

Trailer details:
- 3500 lb idler axle
- DOT lighting
- 15” tires
- 2” Ball Coupler
- Stabilizer jack in each corner
- 4’ tall hand rail around rear of trailer to booth entrance
- Step down from trailer to ground level
- 2,800 Watt quiet Honda generator mounted in front of trailer

Booth details:

• Size: 4ft x 6ft,open door on 4ft
•Durable weather resistant aluminum frame
•Double layer of galvanized iron panels
•Filled with weather-resistant insulation

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review