12' x 6.5' Stainless Steel Guard Shack Portable Office Guard Booth Vaccination Office

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12'x6.5' Stainless Steel

Product Overview

This is simply the biggest and the best we carry. 12' long and 6.5' wide, all stainless steel with a galvanized floor. This a welded and bolted construction building that will serve for years. Large enough for a few people, but still portable. This can truly be your new outdoor office. It comes in two configurations- one has a sliding door on the 6.5' side and the other has a sliding door on the 12' side. Both have sliding windows all the way around. This building will set your site apart and you'll look like a million bucks. This unit does not come with any power or HVAC options, but we can add them at a cost, or can easily be added by the end consumer. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review